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The Importance of Shade Sails Runaway Bay in Kindergartens

Shade sails are installed in several public spaces across Australia to provide shades. They’re installed from carports to parks, playground, and outdoor pools.

But if there’s only one space that needs shade the most, it’s definitely the kindergarten. While everybody needs protection, adults can take care of themselves; young children can’t because they do not know the dangers of excessive exposure to the sun. Therefore, it’s up to the adults to take proper care of the children.

If you’re an owner of one or more kindergarten or childhood center, ensure you install a shade sail on your school property. Let’s get down seeing some cogent reasons why shade sails are much important for kindergarten children.

1. Reduces the Risk of Skin Cancer

A report shows that Australian children face the utmost risk of increasing skin cancer in the nearest future as a result of high UV radiation from the sun. Thus, extreme exposure of children to UV rays result in the development of melanoma skin cancer.

In the absence of natural shade in the kindergarten, human-made shade structure must be erected to keep the children protected. This is where kindergarten shade sails become a necessity. These are shade sails made from quality fabrics with excellent UVR protection, such as those offered at Shade Pro. Using one of our quality shade sails ensures the safety of children without the fear of sunburn when playing outside.

2. Protects Outdoor Equipment

While UV rays can damage the skin, they can also reduce the lifespan of material objects. Outdoor furniture and children play equipment left outside in the sun will begin to fade gradually and build up cracks.

Installing a shade sail on your fixed, moveable and outdoor equipment will prolong the life of the equipment.

3. Shade Pro Shade Sails Are Affordable to Install

Constructing a permanent shade structure for your kindergarten can be time-consuming and expensive at the same time. You also need to be aware of the cons of a permanent structure before you start because you might not be able to make any changes once erected.

Kindergarten shade sail is a better and mind-relaxing alternative to permanent structures. Shade sails are lightweight and moveable. They can be installed in a space of your choice. To crown it all, shade sails are incredibly affordable, an ideal choice for kindergartens.


Having understood the importance of shade sails for kindergarten children, the next thing is to begin your installation process now!

Consider installing a kindergarten shade sails for the safety of the children today. Kindergarten shade sails are one of the most important shade structures used in public place in Queensland and Australia at large.

Kindergarten shade sails are not an option but a necessity if you must protect the kids of Runaway Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland and entire Australia from the highest risk of skin cancer.

Look no further for the most affordable and best quality shade sail – Shade Pro has got you covered. Our shade sails do not only protect the children from UV rays but will also prolong the lifespan of your outdoor equipment.

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