Shade Sails Burleigh

Shade Sails Burleigh

We specialize in the manufacture, supply, and installation of superior quality shade sails at customer-friendly prices to Burleigh homes, school as well as business. Our long experience and expertise in the sector guarantee you will get outstanding services and have peace of mind while enjoying our shade sails for years to come.

Why Shade Sails

Everyone loves some sun but a little too much of it can be harmful and therefore the need for shade sails. For example, overexposure to UV radiation from the sun is one of the leading causes of skin cancer. It can also lead to eye damage and skin damage. However, a good quality shade can significantly reduce UV exposure and subsequently lower the risk of skin or eye damage. Shade sails are a fantastic choice for providing shelter to playgrounds, pools, parking lots and covered picnic areas. Shade sails are rising in popularity in Burleigh due to their many advantages.
Advantages of Getting our Shade Sails

High U.V Radiation protection

Shade sails go a long way in protecting you and your family from overexposure to UV radiation and therefore reduces the risk from the skin and eye damage. Our shade sails can have up to 100% UV radiation protection from the harsh Burleigh sun all year around. Consequently, you do not have to worry about your children being overexposed to UV radiation while they are under our shades sails.

Temperature regulation

Too much sun can also overheat structures such as metal objects in the compound making them extremely hot and risky particularly for children. Having our shade sails prevents overheating structures by offering temperature regulation and therefore offers a conducive environment for relaxing.
Weather Protection
Shade sails prolong the life of structures such as vehicles and playground structures by protecting from too much sun, hail, and other extreme weather damage which significantly increase the life span of your valued assets. Extreme weather can significantly increase the aging of structures and therefore shade sails.
Material Preservation
Shade sails also reduce the rate of material corrosion and break down under constant sunlight particularly for such things as playground equipment.

Wide Range of Colours and Shapes

We offer a wide range of smart and stylish shade sails which ensure every customer gets a shade sail that matches their needs regardless of their tastes and preferences at relatively affordable prices. Besides, our shades sails can also be customized to fit into the shapes you need

Durable Material

Our products are highly tested to ensure maximum resistance from extreme weather such as wind, rain, sun, and hail. This ensures that they give you a long service without the need for any repairs and maintenance. Besides, the strong structure of our shade sails also ensures they can last.

Professional team

Our professional team provides essential guidance on the best type of shade sails for each client depending on their needs and use. This ensures that customers can easily get the product which perfectly suits them most. This raises customer satisfaction. Besides, we offer various after sales services such as a warranty to ensure that you do not worry.

Shade Pro has been creating shade solutions for over 20 years. You can trust we’ll get the job done right! Shade Sails Gold Coast.

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