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The Summer Heat Wave – Are You Prepared?

According to a US report, hot weather is unbearable and in fact, it kills. Heat is the top weather-related cause of death. According to the National Weather Service, heat kills more people than hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, and floods on an average every year.

Don’t be deceived, UV rays are sometimes more powerful during the winter season and tend to cause sunburn in the summer. Summarily, there are UV rays which occur throughout the year irrespective of the season. These rays are dangerous and the damages done by them are irreversible.

Whether you’ll suffer permanent damage from sunburn or not, the truth is, over-exposure to UV rays is dangerous.

As the summer heat approaches, the US Government have made a number of preparatory recommendations for the United States citizens. Their sermon for the citizens is that the people should consider Water, Rest and Shade.

As a resident of Helensvale, Gold Coast City or the entire residents of Queensland, you might not be thinking about heat as a killer. Yes, you may not because of the safe and quiet neighborhood, family orientation with great schools, and availability of everything that you need. Sure, heat can be uncomfortable but we carry on with our lives with the thought that our feelings of prickly skin will soon pass away. Unfortunately, it was too late for some to realize the danger they’re in.

The three simple words to remember are WATER, REST and SHADE.

Water: Whether you’re thirsty or not, drink water often, especially to keep your body hydrated in the heat.

Rest: It is important to take breaks to cool down, preferably in the shade. In case your job involves you working outside, be aware of heat stroke symptoms – weakness, heat cramp, vomiting, fainting, heavy sweating, and a rapid pulse.

Shade: Use shade for safe rest if you are working outside in the heat. In the situation where you love to relax outside without working, you need to understand the dangers of spending time in the blazing sun because you may not foresee the coming effects of heat stroke.

At Shade Pro, there is no help we can offer you with resting or drinking water, but we are the professional shade sails in Queensland. Our attractive shade sails provide mind-relaxing sun and UV protection. Our quality custom shade sails will keep you and your possessions cool while depending on up to 97% protection from harmful ultra-violet rays.

One great advantage of Shade Pro shade sails over other shading systems is the free flow of air that is allowed underneath, keeping its occupants heat-free and happy.

Knowing how terrible heat can be, contact us today to learn more about the range of our custom-made shade sails available in many colors and sizes. We provide guaranteed installation service here in Helensvale, Gold Coast City and all over Queensland.

Conclusively, there are just three simple but important words to remember this summer: WATER, REST, and SHADE – under Shade Pro Shade Sails, Queensland.

Keep safe and have a great summer!

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