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Buying Shade Pro Standard Shade Sails in Mermaid, Gold Coast City

Shade sails have come to existence for approximately three decades. The commercial manufacturing began in Australia but today, most production of quality shade sails are also manufactured in countries like Korea, Vietnam, Spain, and China. While a number of the larger players in the shade sail fabrication market control the quality of the product they manufacture, it’s a pity that many manufacturers have also joined the bandwagon, manufacturing sub-standard shade sails that won’t offer a long term solution.

Cheap disposable sails are available in most garden centers, hardware stores, and in online Garden Furniture stores. They are priced cheaply and come with diverse problems that are not visible at first glance.

Here are the features to watch out for when buying shade sails.

1. Poor Stitching

The stitching of cheap shade sails is generally not good in quality. When tensioning the shade sail, its stitching can pull, causing the material to tear. It becomes more apparent when the shade undergoes wind pressure. Poor-quality stitching will not load properly, causing the shade material to rip and hence, rendered useless.

Poor manufacturing will also make the corners to cut at the point of stitching. Thereby requiring a thread to make it UV stable so it can withstand high levels of sun exposure.

2. Shade Cloth

Due to the rapid growth of Shade sails in the market today, most companies are imitating what has taken a number of years of product testing and replacement to perfect. In most cases, they end up producing shade sails that lack the history of testing and installation – a major problem with shade sails currently in the market.

Shade cloth is the major role player in the shading industry with a series of manufacturing techniques. The reverse is the case with bulk producers who produce cheap shade sails without following suit, kept on manufacturing using dated machinery and specifications.

As the sun gets stronger on a yearly basis, purchasing less-quality cheap shade sails will fade within a few weeks of exposure to the higher UV levels, thereby breaking down the sail. Paying for a shade sail to protect your family or possessions which later turn to dust in less than a season is a bad practice.

3. Webbing

Webbing is the main structural element of a shade sail that runs around the perimeter. It’s sad that some of the cheaper sails do not even have webbing, whereas, it’s the job of webbing to position tension into the perimeter centenary curve.

Cheap shade sails with poor (or without) webbing will not be UV stable, subject to rust, and turns to dust.

4. Guarantees

Buying a shade sail from the store means when the shade sail fails or begin to rot due to sub-standard quality production, you’ll have to contact the manufacturer directly. Almost all cheap shade sails have no manufacturer address because they’re imported and re-branded for their own catchy names. Hence, you’re left with a useless shade sail with a very little chance of getting a replacement as promised. Think twice!

I bet you wouldn’t want to waste your money – Buy Cheap Buy Twice!

Here comes a helpful question, “Why would you buy a nice-looking product that will fade, rot and breakdown when left in the sun for a few days?”

Shade Pro Shade Sails in Queensland are the leading sellers and installers of shade sails in Australia; the top-industry leading manufacturer of shade sails in the world. We offer the residents of Mermaid Waters and around Gold Coast suburbs a value for their money.

Shade Pro shades sails manufacturing process include:

– Professional installers
– Highest quality materials and connections
– Professional and guaranteed installation service

Why buy cheap standard sails when you can purchase quality Shade Pro Shade Sails Gold Coast which will last much longer than standard shade sails.

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