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Shade Pro Shade Sails Ormeau for Homes, Bars and Cafés

Ormeau, as a hinterland town and a suburb in Gold Coast City, is known for its many pros. These include the life-saving doctors, shopping malls, sports centers, great schools, community spirit, and convenient lifestyle. Irrespective of all these great pros, the importance of shade sails in Ormeau, Queensland can never be overemphasized.

Sitting in a bar or café to enjoy a refreshing drink while relaxing on holiday is simply one of life’s greatest pleasures that everyone should have a taste. Countless bar owners understand this fact and they keep spending lots of money and time to ensure this experience is enjoyable and pleasurable.

Holidaymakers and regulars are happy supping on their ice-cold Carlton Draught. They prefer to sit outside and get a nice Coopers Pale Ale. Most often, when people leave the beach to cool down, it is good to find a shady spot to eat tasty snacks and enjoy a drink in an elegant café or bar.

You might see uncomfortable children and adults trying to squeeze under the parasol to protect themselves from the sun that is burning their body or shining brightly in their eyes. Also, bar owners often provide parasols for tables which are useless if the breeze is strong.

Parasols don’t provide adequate protection if there are more than two people on a table. Sitting inside completely is simply the next option to the sun’s heat and UV rays, but who loves that, especially on holidays?

Custom-made ShadePro Shade Sails at Ormeau, Queensland

Fortunately, Shade Pro shade sails in Ormeau, Gold Coast City, Queensland have the solution! A shade sail is an efficient, attractive and modern structure that provides shade and UV protection for the customers of café and bars as well as homes whilst still allowing the breeze to flow under it. It thereby keeps its occupants cool always when the sun is strong.

Shade sails Ormeau come in a variety of different sizes, colors, and shapes. At Shade Pro, owners of bar, café or homes can easily find the right type of shade sail for their individual or business needs. We also offer custom-made sizes to ensure a quality shade solution for your establishment. Also, they are very affordable and any investment on this shade will pay dividends for the sail’s life – this can be quite a long time. Shade Pro shade sails have a 10-year guarantee with a 3-year warranty on the installation.

Shade Sails Give Modern Look

Every installation of shade sail makes an establishment or home look more modern, trendy, even than the surrounding competition. Shade Pro shade sails look perfect during the day and at night, add a wonderful ambiance to any outside area when light from different angles.

Shade Pro offers quality, protection, and style in their shade sails to increase sales for your business, especially bar and café. The atmospheric comfort offered by our sails will keep your customers returning every day (especially during the holidays).

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