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Shade Pro Shade Sails Oxenford – The Best Value Ever!

Presently, most people are looking for some backyard shades to give them protection over the UV rays of the sun. Shade Pro Shade Sail is the best and most reliable sun protection against the high ultra-violet rays.

In the 1990s, versions of these shade sails were originated in South Africa and Australia where they were made of sailcloth. Today, shade sails are made of high-tech synthetic knits which wear better while blocking out extra ultra-violet rays by as much as 95%.

Jeremy is the president of Shade Pro in Queensland where he fabricates, designs and installs shade sails. With his over-the-year experience in the shading industry, Shade Pro has been offering shading optimum solution to Oxenford, other Gold Coast suburbs and the entire Queensland for more than 20 years.

Shade sails have become extremely popular over the past 10 years. It started in the residential and now, transformed into better commercial work. Their taut surfaces and sleek shapes present a dynamic look. This is simply because they’re the modern backyard sun protector, cooling an area as much as 20 degrees. They’re permanent resourceful shades that go with most architectural styles.

An important factor worthy of consideration is the durability of the sail. How long it will last is determined by how well it is installed. When the installation of a sail is loose or sagging, it wears out faster, but when installed properly, sails should last many years.

Purchasing a shade sail means a smart investment for permanent shade. How? You can easily take care of your sails because you only need to hose them off occasionally. Use a mild detergent if the lighter colored shade sails get really dirty.

Shade Pro offers a variety of many colors to choose from these include ivory, silver, red, blue, khaki, rust, sage, mahogany, and yellow. The darker color sails block more UV rays and sun and provide additional shade. Most sails block between 89 to 95 percent UV-A and UV-B rays.

You can get a custom fabricated shade sails in different shapes, sizes and dimensions for other areas apart from home. These areas include schools, churches, parks, office buildings, swimming pools, and many more places.

With our custom-made sails that fit any size or shape, you don’t need a large backyard. Just tell us your requirements and your request will be right at your doorstep. In case you have an area set aside for dining, a triangular shade will be ideal for a modern look.

If you have a preferred reading spot in the backyard but would like to have more shade or privacy, we are here to help with the best style. Moreso, we can use a lighter material for an horticultural-look shade in special gardens.

At Shade Pro, we only use highest quality materials which include best quality of shade cloth, 316 (marine grade) stainless steel, and powder coated posts for maximum life span. We keep you updated at every stage to give you peace of mind concerning the installation stage of your shade sail.

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