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The Benefits of Shades in Garden Centers for Pacific Pines

Shading growing plants and young flowers from the extreme heat of the sun is very important in maintaining your garden center business. The question is, how do you secure your live plant inventory so that it does not only work fine but also look attractive to entice prospective customers to your establishment?

Shade Sail Pacific Pines, Gold Coast City has the answer! These are shade sails designed to have a 500% ROI (Return on Investment) in retail garden centers. This can be achieved when the shade sails reduce damaging sun exposure to live plants by as much as 90%.

Hence, Shade Pro shade sails can boost your garden center business while keeping your plants in immaculate condition. Let’s see how:

– Increased Sales

No doubt, garden centers using shade sails have more sales by keeping healthier plants that are not subjected in any way to heat damage. At the same time, shade sails allow customers and prospects to spend more time in the establishment because they can navigate comfortably as they are shaded from the sun’s heat and its harmful UV rays.

– Better Water Retention

With minimal exposure to direct sunlight, plants and soils are exposed to much less heat. This simply means there’s a less chance that water will evaporate in the harsh summer rays. The improved water retention during the long months of heat will allow your plants to retain their lively green look.

Also, the more moisture saved by your plant reduces the frequency at which you water them – extremely reducing your overall water bill in the long run. With a shade sail from Shade Pro, your plants can maintain their green over the summer.

– Reduce Weeds

Weed is a particular type of plant that loves the sun and with reduced direct-exposure of weeds to the sun; it’s likely their growth rate is reduced. With this, you can monitor and eliminate all weeds under the shade. In addition, the germination of weed seeds is typically poor in shaded environments, making them less-thrive like they usually do.

– Lower Maintenance

As soon as you have established your garden shade sail, you’ll discover it requires much lower maintenance than the regular garden. Many shade-tolerance plants can thrive with little assistance.

Shade Pro shade sails have a variety of colors to match your live décor and in many different sizes to safeguard your flowers stock and plants’ display. You’re happy as your customers can browse around your garden because you know they’re kept up to eight degrees cooler. Hence, they can spend more time looking around and less time rushing back to their car or home for comfort.

Adequate protective shading encourages increased shopping traffic within gardens and nurseries in all environments worldwide.

Most importantly, Shade Pro shade sails totally remove damages and fading of bagged products which means increased profits and less wastage. Additionally, you can rely on shade sails as the perfect solution for the fish ponds and animal life in your establishment.

With Shade Pro shade sails, there is guaranteed protection for people, plants and products! Quality, protection, and style are combined together, resulting in customer’s satisfaction, more sales, and more profits.

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